Rajavithi Hospital is a 1,200-bed medical center accommodating 40,000 in-patients and 1,000,000 out-patients yearly or a daily average of 4,000 patients, with 200,000 referral patients (both in and out patients).

The hospital provides medical service at standard health promotion in tertiary levels and above, including quality referral system. We have more than 200 medical doctors, over 800 professional nurses and specialized staff and over 4,000 other supporting staff who are ready to provide medical services in varied specialties and healthcare dimensions.


Rajavithi Hospital is a leading international medical center.


  •  To be the leader of academic international medical center.

  •  Provide professional tertiary medical services, health promotion and effective transferring system.

  • Working together with happiness and effectiveness under the new public management system.



Academic Excellence, Best Service, Happily Healthy organization.
R = Research-Mind
A = Academic
J = Joyfulness
A = Alliance Networking
V = Victory
I = Integrity
T = Teamwork
H = Humanized Health Care
I = Innovation

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